Our life in a nutshell

about us

Welcome! Frankly, the only people more surprised than you that you’re here is us.

We are the TriadGaymers, named so because we are a gay throuple who all love so many aspects of gaming . We live in Madison, WI with our 2 cats.

It’s our hope with this site to

  • Provide ourselves with a fun, creative outlet regarding our various passions about gaming
  • Celebrate the content creators that we enjoy and discover new ones
  • Join the overall conversation about gaming that is always evolving and make new friends.
  • Create a body of work that might help some of us in future employment

We invite you to connect with us if you wish just for fun, or maybe even a collaboration!

The Triad Gaymers

Main Streamer, Content Contributor

Alias: TeslaBolts

Favorite Video Game Crash Tag Team Racing
Favorite Board GameDice Forge
Favorite PC GameStardew
Favorite TableTop RPGOverlight
Main Writer, Website, Social Media

Alias: Belmont2424

Favorite Video GameFinal Fantasy 1
Favorite Board
Eldritch Horror
Favorite PC GameMinecraft
Favorite TableTop
Burning Wheel
Content Contributor, Stalwart Companion

Alias: Silent Partner

Favorite Video GameChrono Trigger
Favorite Board
Arkham Horror 3rd Edition
Favorite PC GameDungeon of the Endless
Favorite TableTop
Tales from the Loop

Triad Gaymers Staff

Magic Judge and Games Inspector
They posed the moment we hung these
Naps Coordinator & Morale Officer

Friends of Triad

Alias: Shwayman

Joins us on Lazy Sunday Afternoon Minecraft and Stardew

Alias: RaspyKitten

Board Game Friend and Extraordinaire