Who are you guys?

We’re just three gaymers in Madison, Wisconsin who LOVE gaming. We love playing games and celebrating gaming.

Why are you doing this?

Well, there’s a few reasons for this:

  1. We had the time, mainly cause Belmont is unemployed at the moment and needed a creative outlet
  2. We wanted a project that the whole throuple could participate in if they so choose
  3. Belmont wanted a body of work to hopefully get employed somewhere in the gaming industry.
  4. We LOVE games and wanted to celebrate that and make some new friends along the way!

We love the illustrations of you. Who did them?

Those we’re commissioned with this artist who is one of our relatives

Where can we find some of your older content?

We keep all of our older content here on the website. This includes streams, blog posts, celebrations, and videos. Just use the menu at the top of the page!

How can we support you?

We are mainly doing this for fun, make friends, and to hopefully get employment for one of us in the gaming world.

However, we’re small. So the most helpful thing anyone can do is engage with us, like, share, follow, subcribe, etc.

We don’t feel that we’re Patreon or Ko-fi worth now, if ever. Right now, we’re just focusing on having an audience and making friends.

Are you open to collaberation?

Yes! We’d love to collaborate. We enjoy supporting other content creators just as much as making our own content.

We’d love to either feature articles on here from other creators, or maybe even do some online Commander Games for sure! Belmont is also definitely available for a pod-cast guest star!

How do you prefer to be contacted?

Please visit our contact page!

What’s a throuple?

“A throuple is a relationship between three people who have all unanimously agreed to be in a romantic, loving, relationship together with the consent of all people involved. You may also hear a throuple referred to as a three-way relationship, triad, or closed triad”