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Bounty: The Gathering – a Thanksgiving EDH Story

Once, on a far off plane, through many forests and through many plains, was a large, fertile thicket. This thicket was home to many bounteous places and wonders, from exotic orchards, refuges for those of the gray pelts, and groves scattered through out, some filled with sun petals. In the center of this thicket, was

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First Impressions: Unearth

Probably one of the more time-consuming processes in the lives of us Triad Gaymers is the selection of a new board game when visiting our local game store. There are 3 of us, all with varied interests, ways of gaming, and preference on different game mechanics. Seriously, we usually plan at least a full hour

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Above and Below – Angels and Demons EDH Deck Tech

One of the most exciting aspects of a Magic: The Gathering spoiler season is seeing all of the amazing cards coming up for release and how calculating how they will enhance your EDH/Commander decks. One of the most frustrating aspects of a Magic: The Gathering spoiler season is seeing all the amazing cards coming up

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