CUTE & CHILL – TEMTEM EPISODE 21 – 05.17.2021

Nick comes back to #TemTem and tackles a laser-filled Dojo, chills at an onsen, and heads high into the clouds in this Cipanku-centered stream

Nick’s Birthday Game Bash – Stream 05.06.2021

Nick marked his temporal anniversary on this earth and still just gamed all day, so nothing really changes… 0:00 Starting Soon4:10 Stream Intro7:24 Temtem: Rematch Team Prep50:02 Temtem: Sophia Rematch1:11:07 Temtem: Tihani Rematch1:29:54 Temtem: House/Dailies Detour1:43:16 Temtem: Yareni Rematch2:04:30 First Break2:14:52 Hades: First Run2:26:18 Hades: Second Run2:52:21 Hades: Third Run3:11:00 Hades: Fourth Run4:07:19 Hades: Fifth…


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