We’re Here…..ish?

Hello fellow gamers and nerds! Greeting ladies, gentleman, and all beyond-binary folx!

Recently, with the onsite of the COVID-19 pandemic (henceforth more affectionately known as Miss Rona), some of our triad found ourselves without any sort of creative outlet. Some of us really wanted to get into streaming. Some of us have just enjoyed the extra time to be part of the general conversation about our passion: gaming.

After some hemming and hawing, we decided that setting up this website, this brand, this persona for the three of us was probably the most effective way to accommodate all of the nerdy urges without losing what’s left of our precious sanity.

We’re also convinced this is the craziest idea that we’ve ever come up with.

One of the things that were adamant about when starting this was having set goals in mind as we embarked on this fool-hardy adventure. Those goals are:

  • Provide ourselves with a fun, creative outlet regarding our various passions about gaming
  • Join the overall conversation about gaming that is always evolving
  • Celebrate gaming content creators that we enjoy and hope you will too!
  • Create a body of work that might help some of us in future employment

It would be great if this can somehow make money, or provide gainful employment. If it doesn’t, we’re okay too. We’ve done something that we can be happy with, possibly proud of, and didn’t spend hundreds of dollars to do. All it cost us with time, and frankly, we believe it will be time well spent.

We’re working on generating our first few blog articles now and hopefully will begin streaming soon.

We’re very open to other ideas so if there is something you’d like to see us do, or want to collaborate on, we’re open to that discussion. Contact

But, until we get this up and running, we thank the few people reading this for their patience and we look forward to connecting with our gaming community at large soon.


Three Gaymer Bears

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