Celebrating Content Creator CrossOver: B. David Walters and Brennan Lee Mulligan

Recently we had the extraordinary luck to come across One on One Shots on the QueueTimes YouTube channel off my Twitter feed.

First, the concept of the show really intrigued us in general. We have a sincerely busy group of friends and getting together a group of even 4 of was a challenge (and that is saying something as there are 3 of us to begin with). Also, there are a lot of times where only two of us are available and want to play a TTRPG, so the concept of a “One on One Shot” was quite interesting. We tuned in for some pointers and became instant fans of both the show.

Secondly, the show is created and hosted by the staggeringly talented and engaging B. Dave Walters, who we have recently become a huge fans of while studying up to play in the World of Darkness.  Walters has just such an astounding range of role-playing ability coupled with insightful DM and storytelling experience that fully engages an audience.  After our first viewing of his show, we were immediate fans.

We had caught one amazing stream of this show already, so we were definitely keeping an eye out. What we were not prepared for was who one of his next guest was going to be: the “boyishly handsome” Brennan Lee Mulligan.

We immediately put it in on our calendar to watch it live.

Back in 2019, the urge for playing a TTRPG was overwhelming but we were unable to get a game together due to scheduling with any of our various friends and playgroups. To scratch that it, we started looking for content of a similar nature. Through DropOutTV, we found Dimension20 and was NOT disappointed.  (Yes, there was a moment where we were like “Oh, its that guy from College Humor”)

Between the humor of each of the players and the creativity of the DM, Brennan Lee Mulligan, we were hooked on his content from the start.

Here at TriadGaymers, we love it when our favorite content creators cross over on each other’s content, and this episode of One on One Shots was no exception When we heard about this crossover, there may or may not have been actual, literal “squeeing”.  

It was refreshing to see the ridiculously talented Brennan on the opposite side of the DM screen this time as he becomes the “ill advised” 20th level Aarakocra with twelve  levels of Way of the Shadow monk, five levels of Circle of the Grassland druid,  and three levels of Scout rogue named Pereguin.

B. David Walters expertly guides Pereguin to the forest ruled by the Queen of Air and Darkness. Side note: if you ever are world building and need a guide on how to create and role play either mischief makers or the personification of an elemental force of nature, you watch B. David Walter. Period. His characterizations made the experience of watching this more engaging by an order of magnitude.

What really hit home for us was later in the episode where B. David Walters and Brennan Lee Mulligan do some question and answer was both of their perspectives on being content creators. Since we here at TriadGaymers have delusions of being content creators, it had our rapt attention.

Both of these gamers made excellent points about how sometimes you just need to make content to save your sanity and soul (similar to why we started doing this) and how most of the people you are probably fans of didn’t do it overnight, and they didn’t do it alone. Like we are fond of saying, true independence is the ability to choose who you depend on.

This was yet another fantastic episode of One on One Shots and we STRONGLY encourage you to stop reading this, and start watching this episode.

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