He Gives us LIFE! Content Creator Celebration – Glenn Angel

Here TriadGaymers, there are three of us discovering new content to enjoy pretty much on a daily basis. One of our favorite things is when two or more of us discover a piece of content or a creator that really excite us independently of each other, allowing us to severely nerd out. The most recent example of that is the fabulous and welcoming Glenn Angel.

Alex and Belmont are both Final Fantasy fans (Alex more so having played more of the games). Alex had just recently begun following the funny FF related tweets, videos, and memes that Glenn Angel had on his Twitter.

Belmont on the other hand, progressing through the roster of the Rainbow Arcade family, dropped in on a Twitch VOD and was instantly enthralled.

The first thing we noticed on stream was that Glenn Angel (pronounced Glenn On Hell, as he puts in his Twitter) was a enthusiasm that is so genuine and only matched by the welcoming and jovial nature that he uses to foster an amazingly welcoming and inclusive community.

This Dominican Dynamo has a seriously impressive ability to both to dive into the FF lore in an way that makes FF a lot less overwhelming for casual enthusiasts, while seamlessly also engaging his audience on topics both gaming related and mundane. When he goes on a story tangent, you’re on the edge of your seat and getting just as caught up as he is.

Could he be more adorable?!?!?

It’s very hard to not become instantly smitten with Glenn watching him game and interact with his audience. He is blessed with an angelic laugh (pun partially intended) and a truly genuine smile that will make you need to lower the brightness on your screen for the safety of your retinas.

The fun, the excitement, and the energy while on stream is both palpable and intoxicating. We personally believe that should be bottled up and sold.

Frankly, Alex is considering re-subbing to FFXIV just based on the wave of FF nerdiness and enthusiasm coming off Glenn’s content. To put it as we do on our side of the rainbow, he gives the tea, and he gives us life!

Glenn’s brand of fund and excitement is not limited to his own stream, but also his appearances on other streams within the Rainbow Arcade family. Also, he’s definitely and entertainer and the videos he produces for his website and Twitter are pure gold.

On a more personal note, we love that Glenn is a staunch believer (like us) of Latinix/Latine representation, especially in gaming. This is a cause near and dear to our hearts, and we feel diversity and representation in the gaming community just makes the community better. Period.

“I just love being proud that I’m Latine,” Glenn said on his most recent Twitch Broadcast, “When I say I’m proud, I’m very…I’m thankful for the culture we have. Our food. Our language. Our history. We’re snubbed, forgotten, and quiet in the media. And I’m like ‘No Honey. My name is Glenn Angel and I’m here to slay. We are here, we are Latinix or Latine, and we will not be silenced’.”

To that, we have only one thing to say:

Werk it Glenn! We’re rooting for you all the way!

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