Content Creator Crossover – Tolarian Community College talks Commander with Princess Guinevere Weekes

We’re total fan boys when content creators we enjoy cross over on each other’s content! This past week, we came across a true gem.

We’ve had the fun and privilege of being a fan for Tolarian Community College for a few years now. As all three of us were returning to Magic the Gathering this latest round, it was through insightful and insightful content creators that really fueled our passion for the game. The Professor was no exception through his brutally honest and astute analysis of all things #MTG. Our first exposure was on The Command Zone’s Game Knights, and as soon as the episode was over, we were hunting for more of the Professor

A more recent discovery of ours has been the amazingly fun and insightful Princess Weekes, who we came across as amazing people were amplifying marginalized content creators on Twitter.

Princess Weekes is an exquisite convergence of discerning and erudite analysis and critique with all things nerdy.

From her first video on Race and Magic the Gathering we were HOOKED! One of the few times that we’ve hit that subscribe button before a video even ended. Since then we have gone backed and absorbed all we can from her humorous and pithy videos.

On the 10th episode of the Professor’s podcast Untitled, the Professor and Princess Weekes discuss how the Magic The Gathering format Commander has been bringing more people into the game. They also discuss the obstacles of expensive cards, as well as making Magic the Gathering an more inclusive space, which in our opinion is a ongoing necessary topic

But stop reading and watch the video! You won’t regret it.

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