Joy, Laughter, and Gaming: Celebrating the Three Black Halflings Podcast

Let’s be honest: There is a very large, plentiful selection of D&D podcasts out there. We, the Triad Gaymers, feel that is the way the world should be.

However , in these very uncertain and often depressing times, things such as laughter, joy, and authenticity are highly valued commodities. In our opinion, that is where Three Black Halflings rolls a Nat 20.

We stumbled across TBH via their active and fun Twitter feed. The description at the time was more than enough to put them into the queue of new content consume.

TBH features trained actors Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo, Jeremy Cobb & Jasper William Cartwright as they “discuss all things Dungeons & Dragons” and delve “into black culture within the incredible world of DnD, homebrewing ideas, bringing Wakanda into Rivendell, and sharing tales of the table.” In their earlier descriptions, they attributed themselves with an over-abundance of Charisma, and trust us, their stats prove there was truth in that advertising.

We were very intrigued.

While we started with episodes 4 and 5, it was about no more than 10 minuets in to our first episode that we were determined to binge as much of this as possible. We quickly reached the point where we now look forward to their weekly Wednesday postings of a new episode.

Their latest episode (at time of publication), Trash Puppies and Cheese, was an amazing example of their undeniable likability as well as their truly insightful approach to all things Dungeons and Dragons.

One of the strongest and most prominent threads in the wonderful tapestry that is TBH is that they are truly inviting you on their personal and shared journeys into the world of DnD, from both the perspective of a player and as a DM. Their recounting of their experiences and the learning from those experiences is thorough, informative, and very genuine and heartfelt.

During this particular episode, Jasper and Jeremy discuss world creation as a DM. They offer amazingly insightful advice for budding DMs that resonated with us not only as TTRPG players/DMs, but also as gaming content creators.

The Halflings touch on not stressing out about world creation and covering every detail, but allowing yourself to use things such as pre-made tables and town generators (which you can just feel the joy from Unati when she discovers this during this episode).

They also touch on the use of organization and tools such as Trello, which we ourselves have had some success with with our friends over at the Stalwart Companions. (And yes, Trello, you should sponsor these nice folx!)

Another concept these three explore is not solely relying on just your skill-set as a DM to create the world, but rather allowing the process be collaborative and influenced by your players through questioning their relationships with NPCS and aspects of the setting that they connect with. What really resonated with us was the advice on not torturing yourself by constantly comparing yourself to people like Matthew Mercer or Brennan Lee Mulligan, but to trust yourself, your process, and your collaboration with the players.

What we enjoy most about TBH is the sheer joy, energy, and enthusiasm that these three radiate during each and every episode. These three are not only providing insightful and informative explorations of DnD, but you can tell by the laughter that they are enjoying every minute of it.

Let’s face it, these nerds are having a frak-ton more fun than most people, and it shows in the energy and more importantly in the quality of their content.

The thing about each episode is that you have absolutely no idea when they’re going to actually get to the topic du jour, but you dare not leave because you’re sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for them to get there, all the while having an absolute blast doing so.

Also, through out each episode, they drop these wonderful tidbits about their gaming sessions that make you really want to have them record those as well. Also, we just have to know why the Bard was stuck polymorphed into a shark at the time of a character death.

We’re not sure about you, but we’d listen/watch that show.

In regards to this most recent episode, it took them 10 more minuets of laughing and fun to even end the episode, and frankly, we’re here for that.

So if you’re into TTRPGs, just need some good laugh energy, or both, begin your quest with the Three Black Halflings Podcast.

But don’t take just our word for it. Listen for yourself:

“She Was Here the Whole Time” – Trying to Answer More Than Two Questions Three Black Halflings

"Hey, Halflings! Why don't you answer the hard-hitting questions… What is your favorite snack!?" we often get asked… Well, today to finally do the episode that you have been waiting for this whole time! AND if you enjoyed this there is a whole bonus episode with more questions available right now on our Patreon, link below! Check out the 3BH Patreon at  for the ad-free episode! Plus, get your Shirefolk Shoutout and Bonus Episodes! Please find all of our links here:  Want to hire Jasper as a GM:  You can now buy merchandise here! as featured on Critical Role Connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @3blackhalflings, on our Discord, or email secondbreakfast@tbhalflings.comSee for privacy information.
  1. “She Was Here the Whole Time” – Trying to Answer More Than Two Questions
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  3. "You Can Scream if You Want" – Dicebreaker Takeover with Maddie Cullen and Micheal 'Wheels' Whelan
  4. "You're Not Diverse" – With Michelle Nguyen Bradley
  5. 3BH Presents: "Honey Badgers, Pirate Lesbians, and JUSTICE" – Thirsty Sword Lesbians with GM Friday

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